A Little Bit About Us

Dr Edward Lucas started his medical career by completing an Emergency Medicine residency.  He has since written research articles, worked in 5 trauma centers, and other high acuity centers.  He has been ED Director/ Assistant director at several Medical Centers in Florida.  He is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and was previously certified in Pain Management as well.  He still practices Emergency Medicine and oversees and supervises MedOne, an urgent care center that also deals with primary care patients.

Hours and Location

(352) 694-6331

6160 SW State Rd 200 #119
Ocala, Fl

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday:
8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Emergency medicine is unique in that there are no reservations or appoints made.  When your sick or injured you need help now.  Waiting is not a welcome option.  With overcrowding in the ED, and prioritization of more significantly sick patients before less acute ones, an idea was formed to open an Urgent Care center that would operate primarily with personnel experienced in Emergency Medicine. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Lucas who is available 24/7 as consultant, and provider, MedOne provides immediate care to those needing it most. That represents the less acutely ill, the injured, and also those needing routine care that would not be handled efficiently, or in timely fashion at a formal Emergency Department.

Instead of being placed on a back burner, patients who need urgent but not emergent care can now be seen as quickly as possible.  They are the reason for our existence, and the professionals at MedOne want to permeate to you your importance to our clinic.

Our clinic is professional, not sterile. It displays a certain casual elegance that eases our patient’s anxiety and fears over “ a doctor visit”.  We have electronic medical records that are safe and private no matter what might occur in our surroundings. Our staff is above all caring, and will assist your path to feeling well again as quickly as possible.

In addition to the above, MedOne cares for work comp cases, accident and injury victims, DOT and school physicals.  We provide vaccinations and TB testing and a myriad of other needs one may encounter.

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