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Once a child reaches a certain age, he or she may no longer need to visit a pediatrician for medical treatment. It can be difficult for a family to receive the necessary care for members of varying ages without having to visit different locations. In other cases, the condition may not be life-threatening but will need urgent treatment as soon as possible. Waiting a week or two for a doctor to squeeze an appointment in will only allow the condition to get worse. Waiting at a hospital ER can take hours before a patient receives treatment. At MedOne Urgent Care, we can offer families the necessary care in an efficient manner.

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We not only provide urgent care for non-life-threatening injuries, illnesses and other health issues, but we also provide treatment for regular checkups. For many families with children, extracurricular activities and sports are a common factor in daily life. Whatever the sport may be, most will require every team member receive a physical before the season begins. We understand how hectic a schedule can be and how easy it is for time to pass, catching a parent unaware.

The amount of time a parent has to get their child the physical may not be enough time to schedule an appointment, with the primary care physician unavailable until several weeks later. At MedOne Urgent Care, we can provide the physical for families that walk in. No appointment is necessary. If a parent has a child that needs a physical for sports or other forms of treatment, parents can bring their child to our clinic without an appointment.

We will do everything in our power to shorten the wait time and help the child receive the care he or she needs as soon as possible. We provide physicals for a variety of situations, including:

  • School
  • Sports
  • Camp
  • Pre-employment
  • DOT
  • Leaving for a trip abroad
  • While other professional practices require patients to schedule an appointment ahead of time, we can treat patients on the same day they walk in. In other situations where a child is struggling with an illness or minor injury, we can offer treatment as they walk in the door, instead of needing an appointment. With the shorter wait times, we are an effective and beneficial option for families who need medical services immediately.

    We accept most major forms of insurance and offer lower co-pays than hospitals or other practices. We also offer self-pay options for patients who do not have insurance. Since we treat patients of all ages from children to adults, we can treat all family members if necessary. Families may not have to juggle car rides, appointment dates and busy schedules to take members to alternate treatment locations.

    Whether a family member has a sprain or is experiencing flu-like symptoms, you do not need an appointment to visit our clinic. We will do everything in our power to treat the patient’s condition and help them continue a healthy lifestyle. For more information or any questions, call our office at 352-233-4178.