IV Fluids

There may be times when you require IV fluids to replenish nutrients in your body during an illness. This treatment can vary in volume and length but should be administered by a professional. Our urgent care team has the knowledge and training to perform this correctly and help you regain your health and strength. IV fluids are delivered directly into your vein and thus quickly introduce medication into the circulatory system.

IV fluids are available at MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine in St. Augustine and the surrounding area. If you or a loved one needs to be hospitalized, this method is one of the most effective at efficiently and quickly getting the right medication into the bloodstream. This treatment can also help get essential nutrients back into the body.

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The Makeup of IV Fluids

IV fluids typically consist of a sodium chloride solution that dissolves in sterile water. Some solutions may contain potassium as well. Once the patient is in our urgent care facility, Dr. Edward Lucas or a team member will put the solution in a bag and prepare the patient.

We will inject the patient with a syringe and deliver the IV into a vein. The amount of IV that goes into the person’s body will depend on their needs and the severity of their condition.

Situations for IV Treatment

In many cases, when a patient comes to MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine to treat an illness or other medical condition, our team can give medication orally or through an injection. In other situations, however, IV fluids may be necessary to speed up the medication delivery process or to replenish the patient’s fluids quickly.

IV fluids can help with a variety of conditions and enhance the recovery process. In many cases, IV therapy is one of the first steps we will recommend after determining the source of the patient’s symptoms. It is crucial to seek professional treatment since IV treatment may not be the most effective choice for each patient.

Reasons a patient may need IV treatment include:

  • When the patient is dehydrated
  • When the patient needs pain medication before, during or after surgery
  • For blood transfusion following a substantial loss of blood

The Benefits of IV Fluid Treatment

Though some patients may have anxiety about needles, IV fluids can greatly boost one’s recovery and overall condition. In fact, administering IV fluids can often be the most efficient way of helping the person cope with an illness or the symptoms of other conditions. Giving a patient medication in this way works faster than other methods.

The results can be almost immediate. If a person is feeling run-down or depleted, using an IV can help the patient feel energized much more quickly than by using other strategies. An IV can also be a good alternative for relying on pills and other forms of medicine.

Frequency and Duration

A benefit of getting IV fluids at MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine is that our staff can tailor this treatment to fit a patient’s needs and current state of health. For replenishments, many people experience results in a few hours. How often and how long a person should have this treatment will depend on their condition and how pressing the need is.

For example, for pain medication for surgery, our physician will consider the length and complexity of the operation and how much pain the person might feel.

What You Need to Know

Our urgent care facility understands the critical role this treatment plays in a person’s wellness and comfort level. At MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine, Dr. Edward Lucas will carefully evaluate every patient on a case-by-case basis to determine the most effective plan for IV delivery. Before undergoing any IV therapy, we will explain the process and make sure the patient understands what will happen and feel at ease.

Following surgeries, patients should always share with our physician whether they feel more pain medication is required. Patients should be aware that there are possible side effects with IV fluids. Though this is an effective replenishment and medicine-delivery method, there are some risks.

Bruising and inflammation can occur at the injection site. Some patients may also develop an infection from the IV. The patient needs to tell the doctor if any of these things occur.

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No one in St. Augustine should have to live with pain or suffer the effects of dehydration or depletions. IV fluids can provide you with a quick solution to these issues and help you feel better.

Call us today at 904-436-1553 if you have an upcoming surgery and would like to know more about the IV process. It is helpful to understand how this works so you can prepare for any future procedures.

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