Follow-Up Care

Patients of all agents can benefit from follow-up care. Though patients initially come to the physician’s office for a wide range of health concerns, even minor issues need a check-up visit or call from the doctor’s office. As a patient, you have some responsibility to visit a health care professional after diagnosis and treatment. Follow-up care encompasses a broad spectrum of services to ensure that your treatment was effective and that you are responding well to medical intervention.

Follow-up care is available at MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine in St. Augustine and the surrounding area. Our staff can provide the help you need, whether you have a serious issue or need peace of mind that you are on the mend. Do not neglect this important piece of the chain of care.

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Importance of Follow-Up Care

In some cases, a single visit to MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine is exactly what a patient needs for the proper medication or treatment. Minor illnesses such as a mild case of the flu or an earache may not need an additional appointment at our office. However, many patients have ongoing needs or more pressing conditions where Dr. Edward Lucas should be in frequent contact with the patient.

This care helps ensure the condition does not get worse. It also helps keep the patient on track with treatment and rehabilitation. Situations in which follow-up care may be most helpful include:

  • Following a serious injury or accident such as a broken bone
  • Following surgery
  • After the diagnosis of a disease or significant illness
  • For chronic health conditions such as arthritis or heart disease

Typical Follow-Up Appointments

Patients know the routine at a general checkup, but follow-up care is a little different. For these visits, our Dr. Edward Lucas is already aware of the patient’s health history and recent diagnoses. In some cases, we may still conduct a physical to see the progress of the patient’s health before reviewing the current symptoms. If this is a follow-up appointment, we will then follow-up on the patient’s condition and treatment process.

This testing may include blood work or taking X-rays. There will be a discussion on the patient’s medication and whether any adjustments are necessary. While routine check-ups should occur every year, follow-up appointments can take place much more frequently. Our Dr. Edward Lucas will schedule these visits on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the patient’s health condition.

Other factors may include the person’s age and the date of the initial diagnosis. Also, different injuries, illnesses and operation require different levels of follow-up care. Some visits should take place a few days after a treatment, while others can wait for weeks or even months.

Preparing for the Visit

Before a patient comes to MedOne Urgent Care at St. Augustine, it is helpful to understand what will take place at the appointment. The more education and awareness the patient has, the more effective the visit and subsequent recovery can be. Patients should follow the physician’s directions after the initial appointment.

These directions include taking medication, undergoing physical therapy and getting the required rest. The patient should also come with questions about the ongoing care and recovery processes, such as how to manage side effects and pain.

Self-Directed Follow-Up Visits

In many instances, our physician will tell the patient how often to come for return visits. However, the patient can also visit between appointments if symptoms do not improve and continue to get worse. The patient should call and come into the office if an illness leads to another health condition. Follow-up care is essential if the patient reacts poorly to a treatment or medication.

It is not always easy to select a physician and doctor’s office for diagnosis or treatment. There are some helpful tips patients can follow to pick a place they feel comfortable visiting. Under the direction of Dr. Edward Lucas, our team has the knowledge and training to provide the medical treatment our patients need.

We communicate with our patients to avoid confusion and keep them in the loop about their treatment plan. By working with us, patients will be able to begin the path toward recovery. Patients should make sure to work with physicians that listen to their needs.

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Since life gets busy for everyone in St. Augustine, it can be easy to forget about going to the doctor’s office. However, if you have a severe medical condition, you need to follow up regularly with the physician. This allows you to recover and overcome the ailments you are suffering.

Call us today at 904-436-1553 if you need treatment or want to follow up with us after the initial treatment process. We are here to help you find the treatment to need to recover and live your life to the fullest.

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