Tips from an Urgent Care Office After an Auto Accident

Urgent cares are staffed with professionals and have the equipment to evaluate you after a car accident. Enhanced with on-site radiology and laboratory services, a walk-in clinic provides a focused delivery of ambulatory care, less waiting time and a significant reduction in cost. Auto accident patients are finding a value-based care center to be their choice.There are over 7,500 urgent care centers in the U.S. today that provide full-service care. As we have been in the care industry for so long, we have solved the question of, “Where to go after a traffic accident?”

Five care tips after your auto accident

  1. Do a self-assessment of any injuries
  2. Do not wait more than 72 hours to see a doctor
  3. Seek out your closest urgent care facility
  4. Search for a website check-in option or mobile app
  5. Describe the accident in as much detail as you can to the attending physician

Evaluating your situation with the actual events of the auto accident is important to your future care. Even if your injuries do not seem life threatening, an extensive assessment with a urgent care physician is a wise decision. One of the most common mistakes is not seeking care immediately after the auto accident. Walk-in clinics tend to find that their patients only come to their facilities after the 72-hour window, due to fear of costs and not wanting to deal with the wait times. 

Most insurance companies can accommodate the insurance benefits by offering a lower out-of-pocket cost. Office visits range from $71-$125, which is considerably lower than an emergency room visit. We recommend checking with your insurance company to get the details specific to your situation.

Website check-ins are most welcome when it comes to urgent care, especially after an auto accident. With technology today, a website check-in helps patients bypass longer wait times.

Put your health and safety first after an auto accident

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