Services Offered by an Urgent Care Clinic

urgent careWhen searching for an urgent care clinic, people need one that is conveniently located near their home or business so that they can get medical care quickly. After all, driving an hour for urgent care defeats the purpose of being seen quickly. Next, the patient needs a location that is open on times that are convenient for their schedule. This is critical. For patients that live in the area we recommend that they come in and see us, there is no appointment necessary to do so.

Services Offered by an Urgent Care Clinic

Virtually any medical services a person needs can be found at an urgent care clinic that is fully staffed and operational like ours. This includes some diagnostic services. Typically people visit a clinic for the following -

  • Colds and flu. Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on the entire community and sometimes it is easier to simply visit a clinic for a walk-in appointment.
  • Sore throats. A sore throat can be caused by the cold or flu season or by strep and determining which one it is is important when you want to recover.
  • Car accidents. Any patient should be thoroughly examined after a car accident to ensure that they do not have any major health problems that need to be addressed and an urgent care clinic is much faster than going to the emergency room.
  • Workplace injury. Is critical to see a doctor after being hurt at work since this creates a foundation for establishing that the injury took place on the job.
  • Tourists. Anyone from out of the area can walk into our clinic and receive medical care for any range of illnesses, without scheduling an appointment.
  • Sports injury. Pulling a muscle, spraining something or any type of sport injury requires medical intervention and quickly.

Regardless of the type of health concern, visiting an urgent care clinic can provide the diagnosis that is necessary to receive medical treatment. Perhaps the most important benefit of this type of clinic is the ability to be seen when needed rather than having to wait for days or even a week to get into a primary care doctor. This can cause further health problems so instead of delaying treatment, visiting a clinic immediately puts patients on the road to recovery.

Since this is a full medical clinic and medication can be prescribed, there is no difference in care between going to a traditional primary care doctor or visiting a clinic immediately. In fact, one could say that the care is better since it is faster.

Paying for Treatment

Most insurance companies will still pay for services rendered by an urgent care clinic. Finding out which types of insurance are accepted is as easy as making a phone call or asking when walking in. The billing process is also the same and the rates far more affordable than visiting the emergency room could ever be. Essentially, this is the affordable and convenient way to receive medical care.

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As a patient who is experiencing any kind of symptoms, we encourage making a quick visit to our clinic today.

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