10 Reasons Patients Visit Us for Urgent Care

As a provider of  urgent care, we treat patients who need immediate medical services. Families visit us from throughout the area when they're sick, injured or worried about their health. Some of the most common reasons patients visit our office are: … Continued

Is Visiting the Emergency Room the Best Idea? Probably Not.

Visiting the emergency room is not always the best idea. Sometimes, it can be far better to visit an urgent care clinic for the help and treatment you need. What to expect from the emergency room When visiting the ER, … Continued

Common Services Offered in our Walk-In Clinic

A walk-in clinic can provide a large variety of medical services. Health needs vary and sometimes it is hard to get in to see a physician without an appointment that was set several weeks out. At our clinic, we can … Continued

4 Reasons to Visit Our Emergency Clinic

Most people will need to visit an emergency clinic at some point in time. There are multiple reasons for this. First, it is impossible to know when someone will suffer an accident or illness and need immediate medical attention. Since … Continued

Get Immediate Help After an Accident by Visiting Our Urgent Care Clinic

We recommend visiting our urgent care clinic after being in a car accident, as long as the injuries are minor enough to not require a trip to the emergency room. Most accidents are going to cause some level of injury. … Continued

Visit a Family Doctor Instead of Using Over-the-Counter Medication

As a family doctor, we understand that a lot of parents will often try to self-diagnose conditions that their children face and then deal with it using over-the-counter medications. This is understandable because of how busy everyone is. Sometimes, it … Continued

Recover Faster with a Minor Illness Treatment

When in need of a minor illness treatment, call our clinic today. It is much better to visit us for help than to go to the local emergency room due to waiting too long for treatment. A minor illness is … Continued

Urgent Care Over the Holidays

Hopefully, your family will not have a need for urgent care over the holidays but if you do, it is important to know where to go. We offer medical services to patients when they need it most, last minute. As … Continued

Don’t Wait for a Minor Injury Treatment

Getting a minor injury treatment at our clinic is going to be a lot faster than visiting the local ER. When dealing with something like a deep cut, for example, blood can be gushing everywhere and it can be incredibly … Continued

Visit Our Clinic for Workman’s Comp Exams

We complete workman’s comp exams in our clinic. Anyone who sustains an injury at work needs to complete one of these exams as quickly as possible. We can help establish that the employee sustained the injury on the job. Establishing … Continued