4 Best Express Care Options for Emergency Situations

After being injured or falling seriously ill, it is essential to seek express care to avoid the condition from progressing to a more serious issue.

However, very few individuals plan ahead for an emergency situation as thinking about it isn’t exactly desirable. Unfortunately, injuries happen and having a plan for express care is very important.

Best Express Care Options

Although the emergency room can treat just about anything, sometimes it isn’t the best express care option depending on the individual’s exact needs.

The following are the four best express care options.

Urgent Care

Urgent care is a fantastic express care option for anyone who is extremely ill or has a severe physical injury that isn’t a life or death scenario. While urgent care is excellent at treating certain situations quickly and referring the patient to a more long-term care solution, they aren’t able to quickly move a patient from the doctor’s office to a surgical room in the way an emergency room can.

Nonetheless, urgent care clinics are full of medical professionals that can calmly and effectively handle express care situations, such as deep cuts, severe muscle strains, and serious illnesses.

Walk-In Clinic

Quite simply, walk-in clinics are doctor offices that allow walk-in patients. As a result, walk-in clinics are better for more specific injuries and illnesses. For example, if one were to experience severe ear pain suddenly that needed express care treatment, then finding an otolaryngologist’s office that allows walk-in patients is probably a good idea.

Although the wait may be a little longer, a walk-in clinic can be a great way to treat pain or sickness that requires a specialized opinion. However, a more serious situation that needs treatment as soon as humanly possible is best left to urgent care clinics or emergency rooms.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms tend to get the most credit for treating serious injuries or illnesses due to their ability to treat patients exceptionally quickly and can provide many options that urgent care clinics and walk-in clinics aren’t able to, such as surgery.

However, emergency rooms tend to have to rush more than they would like to be able to treat more people faster, and the best care isn’t always delivered as a result. Subsequently, an injury that isn’t life-threatening and needs more focused attention is best left for an urgent care clinic or walk-in clinic.

Call 911

For situations that may be life or death and need the fastest possible treatment in order for the individual to survive, should be treated via an ambulance and get emergency room care. If an illness or injury is sustained that is life-threatening, such as a heart attack, stab or extreme fever, it is vital to call 911 to receive the fastest possible care.

Another critical time to call 911 is in the event a serious injury or illness is sustained, and there isn’t another transportation option to the treatment center.

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